Why Install Solar Panels on Your Home?

Why Install Solar Panels on Your Home?

We’re moving to a greener future.  Governments are passing out tax credits that will stimulate homeowners to purchase and install solar panels and society in general is jumping on the green bandwagon.  Even those who consider themselves global warming skeptics recognize the monetary benefits of going green by purchasing solar panels for their home.  From both fronts, environmental and fiscal, purchasing solar panels makes a lot of sense (and cents!).  Here are a number of reasons why you should install solar panels on your home:

  • Lower Energy Bill – energy prices continue to rise throughout the US and will only escalate as the supply of oil begins to rapidly decrease.  After the initial upfront cost of installing solar panels on your home (and of course any maintenance costs you incur over time), the solar panels essentially pay for themselves.  If you reach the point where the entirety of your energy costs are absorbed by your solar panels, then you’ve completed severed your reliance on the local energy company.  In some cases, if you have solar system, so to speak, that is grid connected you can supply the excess juice to the utility company (talk about cash savings!)
  • Independent Power Supply – solar panels provide not only homes, but businesses with an energy source that can provide you with power in the event of a natural disaster.  This can come be particularly useful for those homeowners who live in rural areas where, in the event of a power outage due to a natural disaster, access will be provided by solar panels.
  • Improve Home Value – according to the National Appraisal Institute, solar powered home value, increases by $20 per $1 deduction in utility bill. As an added bonus, the additional value of your home is exempted from tax.  With the US economy struggling to fight through a recession, money investing wisely, in something like solar panels, will help provide savings and moving in your pocket.
  • Stimulate the economy, the green economy – help stimulate the economy by spending money on something entirely useful and good for the planet.  If you’re looking for ways to help the US economy in particular what better way than to provide revenue a sector of the economy that provides an abundance of opportunity for America?

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